Experienced digital designer, Brand r/evolution specialist and Visual Lead.
I value imagination, innovation, the arts, social good and positive change.

My work has afforded me amazing opportunities to create digital products and services for inspirational brands such as the Girl EffectAsthma UK, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe, the Peabody Housing Association, Maersk, Aviva, Coca-Cola and more.

I’ve designed for the healthcare sector, in service design, fintech, branded luxury goods, edutech, and the travel-, music- and action sports industries.

I've led numerous big web builds and digital rebrands, headed a team of UX and visual designers as Associate Head of Design at Zone Digital, and collaborated with some of the UK's best creative agencies to craft transformational digital products and experiences.



Passionate about creating lean software products that solve real problems, and building great engineering teams to make it happen.

When I used to have a real job, my background was in investment banking and sports betting, writing real-time message-based reactive algorithmic trading systems, primarily .NET stack, and heading up the development teams. This took about 16 years. It was a serious business.

Now I write my own mobile and web apps using React and Firebase, aka the latest web and cloud technologies, and dream about working at SpaceX #loveyouelon.

"In weak companies the dreamers are expected serve the planners. In the great companies the planners feel inspired to serve the dreamers." - Simon Sinek